DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning_

Regular cleaning of carpet is necessary for every home as well as commercial places like offices, stores, hotels, and restaurants. There are many benefits of carpet cleaning, like it gives a clean appearance to the carpet, removes dust and allergens, and extends its life by reducing wear and tear.

But when it comes to cleaning the carpet, people often get confused between DIY and professional cleaning and which one is better. Which is better depends on- how dirty your carpet is. Vacuuming helps maintain the carpet but does not remove the stains and soil particles deep inside the fibers.

In this blog, we will be discussing the difference between DIY and professional cleaning.

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

DIY Cleaning Professional Cleaning
Cleaning Equipment DIY cleaning uses household cleaning equipment or a rented carpet cleaning machine. Professional cleaning uses advanced cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaners.
Stain Removal Minor stains can be removed by DIY cleaning, but it is very tough to remove major stains that are old. You can rely on professional cleaning for effective stain removal. No matter how large and old the stain is.
Odor Removal  Possible to remove the odor caused by recent spills and pet accidents only. Professional cleaning chemicals can eliminate all musty odors and makes the carpet smell fresh.
Time required to clean and dry DIY carpet cleaning takes a lot of time because of a lack of experience and the right tools. Professional cleaning requires comparatively less time because it uses machines to clean and dry.
Cleaning Effect The cleaning effect after DIY carpet cleaning will not last as long as you think. You will again start observing dirt in a few days. Professional carpet cleaning lasts longer as compared to DIY cleaning. It removes the dirt and grime trapped deep inside the carpet fibers.

Summing Up

You can choose from DIY and professional cleaning, depending on the condition of your carpet. If your carpet has no stains and smells good, you can go with DIY cleaning. While Carpet with stains, musty odors, and a high amount of dirt require professional carpet cleaning. Both types of carpet cleaning have their benefits as well as limitations.

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