How To Remove Grout Haze From Porcelain Tile

How To Remove Grout Haze From Porcelain Tile

As we all know grout haze is the byproduct of the installation in which the entire surface is covered with grout. This discoloration is more difficult to remove than the regular filth and grime that coats your bathroom floor. A moist cloth will work to remove some new grout haze, but other causes can be too difficult and need specialized cleaners.

Professionals can also help to make your tiles grout-free and shiny. With their hi-tech equipment, they can make difficulties easy.  Here are some steps you need to follow in the future.

Steps To Remove Grout Haze From Porcelain Tile

Wait For The Grout To Cure

Before using grout haze remover, allow the grout to cure. Normally, this takes between 24 and 48 hours, but you should check the grout’s label for the precise time frame. Grout haze should be cleaned as soon as possible because, over time, it will get harder to get rid of.

Clean The Surface

Take a clean cloth and thoroughly sweep or vacuum the tile, then dampen it with a wet mop. Make sure you clean all the surfaces and make them spot-free.

Mix The Grout Haze Removal Solution

In a clean bucket, combine the grout haze remover and water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For minor haze, normal dilution is utilized and for heavy residue, a stronger solution or full-strength (undiluted) solution may be advised. For rinsing, fill a second bucket with clean water.

Scrub The Tile

Scrub the tile surface with a white nylon-bristle brush after dipping it into the remover solution. Cover a small area at a time to have a good quality cleaning.

Rinse And Repeat

After cleaning each part, immediately sponge-rinse the tile surface and grout joints with fresh water. As you work, wash the sponge periodically, and change the rinse water as it becomes soiled.

Scrub and rinse each tiny area of the tile surface using the same procedure until the entire installation is clean. Let the surface dry for the night.

How Often Porcelain Tile Should Be Cleaned?

There are two forms of cleaning that you need to always carry out if you’re wondering how to make porcelain tiles shine every week. The first is regular cleaning every week, which entails sweeping and vacuuming to get rid of any dirt or debris. The following cleaning technique uses a vinegar-water solution and needs to be done once a month.

If you are busy on a schedule you can also hire professionals which are well trained and are very helpful in these kinds of emergencies. They offer the best quotes and are committed to working with advanced technologies. Skilled experts restore the shine of your tiles and grout. Call them anytime to ask them for a free quote for your property.

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