How To Remove Gum From Carpet?

How To Remove Gum From Carpet_

We have all experienced the unpleasant sensation of getting a piece of gum stuck to our shoes, and it is even worse when that piece of gum finds its way to your beautiful carpet.

But you must resist the urge to try and remove the gum by force, as you will only end up permanently damaging your carpet by pulling out the delicate fibers. So, is there a solution?

Fortunately, here we will show you how to remove gum from carpets through 3 simple methods using just household items.

How To Remove Gum From Carpet using 3 simple Methods

Method 1: Give it the Icy treatment

  • It is the simplest yet most effective way to remove gum from your carpet. For this, you’ll only need some ice cubes. Here is how you can remove gum from the carpet using this method:
  • Place the ice cubes in a plastic bag and put that bag on the piece of gum for at least a minute.
  • Make sure that the gum is frozen before you try to scrape it with your hands or a butter knife.
  •  Start pulling the gum from the sides and reach the center of the gum to avoid damaging the carpet fibers, be gentle with the scraping.
  • To clean any discoloration from the gum after removing it, take a rag dipped in a soapy solution and dab it on the spot where the gum was, and bloat it out with a thick towel. Make sure the area is dry before walking on it again.

Method 2: Lube it up

For this method, you’ll require an oil; eucalyptus, olive, or peanut oil should work well. But remember that you should clean the oil once the carpet and gum are separated. With that said, here is how to remove gum from carpets via this method:

  • Try out the oil on a small part of the carpet to see that it doesn’t leave large stains.
  • Put some oil on a cleaning cloth and gently dab the piece of gum with the rag till you soak the wad of gum with oil.
  • Using a butter knife, scrape the wad of gum in the same direction every time till all of the gum is gone.
  • Wipe the knife after each scrub to avoid re-applying the gum.
  • To prevent additional damage to the carpet, avoid scraping back and forth.
  • After removing the piece of gum, clean any residual oil from the process using a cloth dipped in an anti-grease soap solution.

Method 3: Vinegar to the rescue

Vinegar is a versatile household item with many uses, and it can also remove gum from carpets, like this:

  • Heat 1/4th cup of vinegar, and put a clean cloth into the vinegar.
  • Now, rub the piece of clothing over the wad of gum, and scrape it using the side of a spoon.
  • Once the carpet is free from big chunks of gum, brush away the remaining gum with a disposable toothbrush.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to remove gum from carpet, you can see that removing gum from carpets is no rocket science. Anyone can do it with a few everyday essentials. Just remember not to apply too much force while scraping the gum and use dull tools such as a butter knife or the side of a spoon to avoid damaging the carpet.

If you are still unsure about the process or don’t want to take a chance on your beloved carpet, you can always ask for professional help, as there is some difference between DIY and professional carpet cleaning.

Tip: Apart from household items, another thing that can remove gum from the carpet is isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol. Dabbing it on the gum for 5 minutes makes it soft and easier to remove.

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