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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Pacoima CA

Upholstered furniture is a source of comfort for everybody in your home. They sit, lie down, sleep, and even eat comfortably on the upholstery, like the sofa, chairs, and recliners. It might not be visible, but your upholstery experiences wear every day. The reason behind that is the accumulation of harmful contaminants on upholstery fibers.

The stains caused by grease, food particles, and sweat make the furniture look grimy and can lead to a musty smell if ignored for a long time. DIY cleaning using any store-bought cleaner has a risk of damaging your upholstery while cleaning. That’s why it is advised to clean your upholstery professionally.

Our professional upholstery cleaning in Pacoima CA is sufficient to remove the deepest stains, and is gentle enough not to damage the furniture. We use natural cleaning solutions that are safe for your entire family. Our trained cleaning technicians provide a pristine cleaning effect that lasts a long time.

Upholstery Cleaning Pacoima

How We Clean Upholstery?


To select a suitable cleaning method, we will first inspect your upholstery fabric.


After deciding the most suitable cleaning method, we will vacuum the furniture to remove the dust present on the upholstery fabric.


To break down the soil and allergens and remove the stains effectively, we will spray a cleaning agent that makes the cleaning process easy.


After spraying the cleaning agent, we will wait for some time and agitate the upholstery to push the cleaning agent deep into the upholstery fibers.

Steam Cleaning

Using an advanced truck-mounted steam cleaner, our staff will extract all the harmful contaminants out of your upholstery.

Final Inspection

Once the job is done, we will conduct a final inspection with the house owner to be sure of satisfactory results.

Our Cleaning Results

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